Development Dialogue

Development dialogue


The usefulness of the knowledge we acquire and the effectiveness of the actions we take depend on the quality of the questions we ask




‘Development Dialogue‘ is a professional association initiated by Centre for Sustainable Agriculture and registered as a trust in 2014 for promotion of a meaningful dialogue on development through visual, electronic and print media.

Development Dialogue wishes to use dialogue as a tool to

  • —create awareness, knowledge and skill building on ecological restoration of agrarian landscapes and sustainable rural economy
  • Pose questions and explore complex issues from a variety of perspectives – not in order to fix something, but in order to gain a deeper and shared understanding
  • Challenge the assumptions around the current development

Towards this, Development Dialogue organises events and campaigns, brings out various publications, films and runs websites to reach out to the people. Currently, Development Dialogue is running the following

1  tolakari logo తొలకరి (Tolakari) a monthly magazine in telugu on sustainable agriculture

2  agriwatch Agriwatch A website to monitor and track various policies and issues in agriculture across the country.
3  krishi tv Krishi TV an online web channel as a community media channel
4 eKrishi eKrishi an online portal for learning and extension


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