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For donations episode 8 on Toxic Food and choose Centre for Sustainable Agriculture. You can also visit your nearest Axis Bank branches to donate through a cheque. more details on

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Dear friend

We are inviting you to come together to confront problems agriculture faces today and evolve unique solutions which can economically and ecologically sustain farmers and farmers. We need your support to help us in our efforts to work for change in policies and practices – about things that are becoming of increasing importance to all of us.

CSA needs your support to continue its work. The institution must be strong, both internally and externally. We need the support of friends like you who believe that what we are doing is important; friends like you who can give us their encouragement, time and money to spread our message.

After 8 years, CSA today is a vocal and respected independent institution in India which has established credible alternatives. But the challenge of sustaining agriculture is very big and growing: every day, every year We are therefore, asking you to become a friend and supporter of CSA. And without your support and sponsorship we will not be able to meet this challenge.

Your support will help the long-term financial sustainability of CSA.

a. Village adoption: Support to your village or other villages in distress helping them to shift to more sustainable models of agriculture. Our estimation is about Rs. 2,00,000 per year for a cluster of 5 villages for a period of three years can help them with learning and practicing sustainable/organic farming establishing institutions which can help them to plan, produce and market their produce, and become sustainable.

b. Grain banks: Growing hunger is a major concern. Support to poor in the form of grain banks can help to provide food during the lean periods. Food grains would be advanced to the people and they would repay in the form of grains to the village organization when they can earn money in three installments. This would help the poor to tide over the lean periods. Rs. 50,000 as one time support will help to establish a grain bank in a village.

c. Livelihood support: The families who wish to continue with farming or allied activities like livestock rearing etc would be supported with trainings, follow up etc. In addition some of them can take up income generating activities, off farm or non-farm enterprises like a. grinding machines, b. powdering units, c. tailoring, d. petty shops etc. These women would be trained in to get technical skills as well as business skills and link up with other supporting agencies and marketing networks. The support would be used partly as grant and partly as a soft loan. The women would be formed into a group and group would be supported. The soft loans given would be repaid over a period of time and would be used for extending to more people. Rs. 1,00,000 one time support will help a family. Supports for large enterprises which can provide livelihoods for a group are also welcome. We are running few such units now.

d. Supporting young ones: Children are the major victims of agrarian distress. Support for continuing education and acquiring professional skills.

e. Building capacities: Building confidence and capacities among the village youth and farmers is the utmost need at this point of time. You can support this in the form of sponsoring few training programs, fellowships for young farmers/activists to learn and promote sustainable agriculture in production and marketing. You can donate books on sustainable agriculture or subscriptions to the telugu magazine ‘Tolakari’ which provides regular information to farmers and policy analysis. The annual subscription is Rs. 150/- including postage.


CSA will organize this transparently and share the details and progress with the donors regularly. Donations can be for a specific activity/village/family or leave the choice to us.

Please send your donations in the name of ‘Centre for Sustainable Agriculture’ or contact Ms. Chandrakala or call +91(40)27017735.

Centre for Sustainable Agriculture
12-13-445, Street no-1, Tarnaka
Secunderabad-500 017, India; +91-40-27017735;

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