Indian Agricultural Heritage [c.400 BCE-1700 CE]


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Pages: 224, English

The main contents include verses, their interpretation which describe agriculture during the times and the practices followed.

  1. Vrikshayurveda by Surapala, Period: 1000 AD, Region: Central and Eastern India
  2. Krishi Parasara by Parashara, Period: before 4th century BC, Region: Sialkot, Pakistan
  3. Nushadar Fanni Falahat by Dara Shikoh, Period: 17th Century, Region: Central Asia and Moghal Kingdom
  4. Kashyapiya Krishisukti by Kashyapa, Period: Before 800 AD, Region: Krishna Godavari Delta and nearby areas
  5. Vishvavallabha by Chakrapani Mishra, Period: 1540-1597 AD, Region: Merwar-Udaipur
  6. Lokopakara by Chavundaraya, Period: 1025 AD, Region: Karnataka
  7. Krishi Gita by Parasurama, Period: 17th Century, Region: Kerala, Konkan
  8. Upana Vinoda by Sarangadhara, Period: 13th Century, Region: Bundhelkhand (MP and UP)

Originally published by Asian Agri-History Foundation and Green Infrastructure Projects Pvt. Ltd.