12 Mar

Training to FPOs in Telangana


CSA has organised two day training program to 18 FPOs promoted by NABARD in Telangana. The participants include the Board of Directors, CEOs and the Staff of NGOs who are acting as promoting institutions. తెలంగాణ రైతు ఉత్పత్తి దారుల సంఘాల సీఈఓ లకు రెండు రోజుల శిక్షణా తరగతులు ఈ రోజు ముగిశాయి. సంఘాల నిర్వహణ లో చట్టపరంగా చేయవలసిన బాధ్యతలు, నిర్వహించాల్సిన […]

08 Mar

Organisational Learning Workshop for FES

Centre for Sustainable Agriculture has organised an Organisational Learning Workshop for Staff of Foundation for Ecological Security (FES). a three day workshop from 5th to 7th March, 2020 focusing on understanding the challenges in agriculture, opportunities for small and marginal farmers and building strategies and designing support systems for the farmers. CSA will work with [...]