Caring for those who feed the nation

Mission and Vision

Vision: CSA sets its mission to establish ecologically and economically sustainable models of agriculture, help farmers to organize themselves to improve their livelihoods and realize their rights.

Mission: CSA plans to reach out to 50 thousand farmers directly and 5 lakh farmers indirectly in the next five years (2015-2020), by working with them to establish sustainable models in agriculture, organise them into community owned institutions and fair marketing models in six states of India. By doing so, we believe that agriculture productivity can be increased by 10 % and farmers incomes by 15 % which approximately translates to Rs. 5000 per family.

CSA partners with all like minded organisations and networks for a policy change to enable promotion of sustainable models of food production and sustaining livelihoods engaged in the process

Centre for Sustainable Agriculture Caring for those who feed the nation for more than 18 years

CSA works across the country with small and marginal farmers in establishing economic and ecological sustainability in farming

Direct Farmers Reach


FPOs Supported


PGS farmers registered


Kisan Mitra cases resolved

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