CSA wins Best FPO Enabler Award in 2021 Samunnati Economic Times 2021 #FPOawards

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People’s Science Institute (PSI) is working with two FPOs in two districts of Uttarakhand. These FPOs are about 3 year old and cover about 10 villages ( 500 households) each. Active members are 100 farmers each FPO. They are growing millets, pulses, vegetables and spices. Marketing of these products is being done through small marketing outlets. In one FPO the process of organic certification and capacity building through Farm Business School ( weekly online course for the 8 selected cluster level facilitators) is in progress. Both these FPOs needs visioning and guidance for proper management.

sure we can do this puran can u please write to ramoo@csa-india.org

chetan khandelwal
November 18, 2021 Reply

sir you have done such a great work to make india a sustainable agriculture land. what are your plans in future how can it become nationwide movement ? how much success you get till date in your journey ? i watched your ted show as well as aamir khan show satyamev jayte .

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