To contribute towards the progress of the Rural Economy through technical and analytical skills. Further, would like to enhance my personal capabilities by learning from the new exposures within the structured framework of the organization.


●         Program Management

●         Strategy Planning

●         Relationship Management

●         Institutional & Capacity Building

●         Community Development

●         Planning & Budgetary Control

●         Supply Chain Management.


Life Philosophy


What Man is Man who doesn’t make this world a better place .


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●        Music

●        Photo-blogging

●        Football

●        Volleyball


Sahaja Aharam

Date of Birth: 06th Feb, 1988

Hyderabad, Telangana


Founder – CEO • Zabs INC. • 2009-12.

Founded digital marketing start up with a college friend providing space for emerging content writers,movie makers,artists and advertisers.

Project coordinator • Aga Khan foundation • 2012-13

Business Consulting for entrepreneurs which includes Market analysis, feasibility, profitability analysis and research for market potential for rural start-ups and established businesses to bring in more efficiency.

Successfully involved in engaging with 600 families, empowering 120 families by providing livelihood assistance with 30 new business idea.

Public relations manager • policy innovations • 2013-14

Worked as School Relations Manager on the Xamcheck product.

Bridging the gap between schools,students,teachers,Subject Matter experts by developing a proper feedback system.


Took a break to prepare for Civil Services Examination.

rural business consultant • giri cooperative • 2015-16

  • Formation of Co-operative by approaching the tribal farmers and developing the network.
  • Formed a strong network of 180 Tribal farmers.
  • Worked majorly in rationalizing the supply chain by reducing exploitation of local traders.
  • Worked on an access code which could help farmers,cooperative body,consumers and buyers have a better interface to the operational data.
  • Worked in marketing the co-operative crop produces and developed a sustainable buyer network.

Assistant manager • safe harvest pvt ltd. 2016-2018

  • Coordination with FPO Partners for Procurement of NPM Commodities
  • Worked with FPO management on quality, processing and logistics
  • Prepared Business plan and handled procurement with 13 FPOs across India.
  • Designed MIS & data sheets to determine costing and margins.

Business Developement Manager • Sahaja Aharam Producer Company Ltd. 2018- Present

  • Developed Procurement Plan.
  • Sourcing Clients For Bulk, Retail & Direct Sales for FPO’s.
  • Strategizing Sales growth.
  • Improve Market Bandwidth.
  • Procurement.
  • Capacity Building Trainings for FPO’s.
  • Operations Management.

Skills which needs to be developed.

  • Finance Management.
  • Convergence & Legal Compliances.
  • Policy Analysis.
  • Relationship Management.




Languages known.

English, Hindi,Telugu,Urdu.


B Tech in BioTechnology , Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, Hyderabad , Telangana




Volunteering & Activism

e-NGO award winner representing  Bhumi foundation at The Manthan South Asian Awards organized by Digital Empowerment Foundation on usage of ICT for social change.


Volunteered for ‘Its Time To Make Difference(ITMD)’ on civic issues.


Conducted RTI workshops with schools and colony associations.


Volunteered with Rythu Swarajya Vedhika, ASHA.


Worked actively on issues concerning Police Reforms.


Lead the social media campaign for call/ Message an MP for the passage of Telangana bill.