CSA ERP System

Ver 1.0

as part of the process to improve the project management system we will be introducing annual budgeting, monthly planning of works, and daily reporting of activities etc. An ERP system is in the process of design.

As part of this are planning to roll out daily reporting system. The staff may be working from office or in field or may work from home due to the Corona disease threat.

Please report it on the ERP system which can be accessed at  

https://erp.csa-india.org or download android app http://bit.ly/CSAerp and log in with your csa email id and password is generic csa@2004 you can change it after logging in.

You will see this screen

click on projects and you will see the following screen if you scroll down

click on work done and click on new (+ sign in blue box) which will open a form and fill up

 the information

The next window opens with the following format for filling up daily reporting.

under employee select your name, under project pick up project, under workdone add the work done in few lines on that day and fill up the status. Click on the inverted triangle (▼) to add more details like Assigned by, Worked At, Remarks etc.

If you have worked on more than one project for eg. it can be APPI project field visit in the morning, afternoon it can be Sustain+, you can click on add row and fill in the information.

If you have any attachments, you can add in the form of report written or photograph taken.

After filling the information click on Save in blue box and Submit.

You can only enter details of the Work Done of the same day. If you cannot it would be missed and it will be considered that you have not worked that day. Any reason for missing may be mentioned in the next day report. Otherwise, we suggest, it would be better if you enter one Work Done and Save it; at the end of the day enter all other works and submit the document.

If you cannot report in english, report in telugu or hindi by using google indic keyboard. If you cannot follow the english in the program and field descriptions you can change the language to telugu or hindi. to change the language go to my setting under your profile pic. select language 

en for english, te for telugu, hi for hindi etc and the content will change to respective language

We request all the staff to follow the process of reporting and all the team leaders should ensure that all your team members starts reporting from tomorrow.

If any one has any down pls call Prasanna on 09490484970 or laxmi on 9985016637