Foundation Course on Organic Farming, Farmers Cooperatives and Public Policy

Duration: 14 days
Dates: 23rd October to 5th November, 2017
Venue: Hyderabad
Course fee: Rs. 20,000 (Covers Course fee/stay/food and local travel)
Limited no of Kisan Mitra Fellowships  would be available for needy
Medium of instruction: Hindi/English
(Telugu Course would be offered in January, 2018 so people who want to attend from AP and Telangana need not apply now
Last date for submission of application: 20th September, 2017
for details call on 08500 78 33 00

The crisis in agriculture is taking its toll.  The increasing costs in production, reducing public support systems for small and marginal farmers, decreasing share of farmers in consumers’ price and increasing costs of living are leading to perpetual indebtedness. On the other hand high use and abuse of chemicals and water in agriculture, wrong cropping patterns and practices are leading to destruction of natural resources, make food unhealthy and farming unsafe for the farmers/farm workers.  While people are struggling to find their own solutions in the absence of public response, the alternatives tried out also remained as islands of successes as a systematic scaling up were not tried out. Some initiatives like Community Managed Sustainable Agriculture in Andhra Pradesh, Mahila Krishi Sashaktikaran Pariyojana across the country have withered away due to lack of well trained resource persons, community organisations which can own the process and good business models and proper public policy support which can sustain them.

In this context Centre for Sustainable Agriculture is offering a course to build capacities of the people working with resource poor farmers.

Kisan Mitras would be trained resource persons who work with farmers to help them shift towards agro-ecological approaches to sustain their farming, organise themselves into producer cooperatives, understand the issues in public policy and improve the support systems. Organisations working with farmers and individuals interested in supporting farmers can apply to become ‘kisan mitras’.  They will undergo a foundation course and can specialise in any of the areas of ecological farming, farmers’ institutions and marketing or public policy support.

  • A foundation course of 14 days will be class room teaching, field visits and internship with farmer groups and will cover
    • agro-ecological approaches, how to run farmer field schools to train farmers, problem diagnosis and suggesting solutions,
    • organising farmer cooperatives, building forward and backward linkages, running Kisan business schools to train the farmers and farmer cooperative leaders,
    • public policy analysis and strengthening support systems

Organisations working with farmers, farmers organisations or activists working with farmers can apply.

Qualification: Minimal literacy to read and write and communicate in Hindi/English and experience in working farmers is essential

Support: We request the organisations to support the fellows attending this trainers training. However, we can provide fellowship to people who are interested but are unable afford. for details check Kisan Mitra Fellowship