Green Enterprises

Compost Unit

CSA in partnership with International Water Management Institute (IWMI) and FiBl has initiated a unit to compost urban and rural waste.  The unit is owned by Swayam Krishi Farmers Cooperative, Adavimasjid, Mulugu Mandal in Medak dist of Telangana. The Cooperative has 30 members. 10 of them are actively involved in the composting process.

The urban waste from vegetable market yards and crop waste is collected and composted through winrow composting process.

Compost Heap Compost unit Compost Shed Compost Turner


Microspinning of Cotton

CSA along with Decentralised Cotton Yarn Trust (DCYT) and Malkha established Decentralised cotton processing units where in cotton can be processed without bailing and can be calibrated for diverse cotton varieties at Punukula.
Three units are now in Telangana, at Punukula, Siricilla and Boorgula. The units provide employment to the 30 people in the village.

malkha-4 malkha-1 malkha-2 malkha-3

Seed Processing

CSA promotes farmer level seed saving and use, village level community seed banks.  Realising seed availability in certain crops is coming down as the private/public sector is not showing any interest and this driving monoculture of crops and varieties, CSA began building community seed enterprises. Currently there are three such enterprises Naisargic Sheti Beej Producer Company, Wardha, Maharashtra, Enebavi Organic Farmers Cooperative and Swayam Krishi Cooperative.  Wardha unit has a seed processing capacity of 4 tons/hr while the other two own a mobile seed processing units.  Organically grown seeds in paddy, wheat, bengal gram, green gram, soybean, cotton, and vegetables are available for sale under the brand name ‘sahaja beej’

Seed Grader Fine Cleaner De-Stoner Mobile Seed Processing Unit