Our Organization

Domain areas of work

CSA major work falls in six domains viz., Policy Advocacy, Sustainable Production, Farmers institutions, Marketing, Human Resource Development and Media.

Policy advocacy: CSA focuses on policy changes that support which promote sustainable agriculture and bring in effective regulations on unsustainable and exploitative practices.

Sustainable Production: The focus is to develop and promote locally adapted integrated farming systems and other on-farm and off-farm livelihoods.

Human Resource Development: Building resource pool of farmers, scientists, academicians, and nutritionists etc who would help in supporting sustainable farming models, building farmers institutions and promoting agriculture based small and medium business enterprises

Farmers Institutions: Building farmers institutions improve their bargaining power and realizing their rights.

Marketing: Building small and medium enterprises which can increase the farmers share in the consumer price and can improve village economy are needed to sustain the farming based livelihoods.

Pro-farmer media: CSA would have a special focus on using media both for grass root work and policy advocacy.

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