Kisan Mitra 2017-19

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Dear all

At Centre for Sustainable Agriculture (CSA), we are always concerned about the We were always worried about the broken governance of the agriculture support systems which is mainly responsible for the crisis in Agriculture.

CSA in partnership with various institutions, civil society organizations and volunteers was trying to bring to the cracks in the system and how small and marginal farmers, tenant farmers, women farmers, tribal farmers etc slip off and fall a prey to the distress. To address this crisis, Centre for Sustainable Agriculture and Rytu Swarajya Vedhika (RSV) in partnership district administrations of Adilabad, Mancherial and Vikarabad have started an initiative to improve the governance of agriculture support systems and enhance the access to entitlements by removing the stumbling blocks at the departmental level.

This report covers two years of the journey ‘Kisan Mitra’ team in extending a helping hand for the distress rural households. We tried to pickup some case studies to present the nature of the problems we came across.

We are thankful for the district administrations of Vikarabad,Adilabad and Mancherial for the partnership and their financial support. We are specially thankful to Divya Devarajan, who was Collector of Vikarabad and later Adilabad for being the guiding soul. Thanks are also due to R V Karnan and Bharati Hollikeri Collectors of Mancherial whose help was immense in making this happen. The District Agricultural Officers, Bankers, Officials of Revenue Department and all others who constantly extended their support helped us to improve the systems.

We are thankful for the district administrations of Vikarabad, Adilabad and Mancherial for their financial support along with AID India.

The effort of volunteers specially Ravi, Kiran, Asha Latha, Naveen, Kondal from Rytu Swarajya Vedhika are commendable in solving the issues and following up with officials.

With these learnings, we are planning to scale up the initiative and would be very happy to partner with any organization, institution, network. Individuals who want to volunteer please contact us.


Centre for Sustainable Agriculture  

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