Corona Relief Measures

As you can see the grim situation in the country, it’s time we raise to the occasion and support the migrant labour who are contributing their part in the development but often ignored to their fate. We at Rytu Swarajya Vedhika and
Centre for Sustainable Agriculture are trying to do our best.please do support us to support them. 100% of the funds received would be used for the following activities
1. Delivering cooked food packets to homeless people
2. Providing ration supplies to workers/ labourers who cannot afford to buy them because they are out of work or haven’t been paid their wages
3. Supporting rehabilitation of homeless people into various shelter homes and any other housing facilities (some cases paying the rent if need be to house them there)
4. Arranging for private transport for people in any emergency situations
5. Meeting the medical needs of any people who are in urgent need of medicines, emergency hospitalization etc.

Please support the initiatives which support farming livelihoods
For the Indian donors to pay in Indian Rupees 


For the donars outside India to pay in foreign currency)




One Crore Fund for Farmers

One Crore Fund for Farmers is a joint initiative of Centre for Sustainable Agriculture, India and i4farmers, USA.

The effort is to build support systems for farmers which can help them to sustain their livelihoods.

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CSA is a professional resource organization engaged in establishing models of sustainable agriculture working in partnership with NGOs and Community Based Organizations by scaling up the successes and engaging with the establishment for a policy change.

CSA is Not for Profit organisation registered as Trust in 2004 and has been registered with Ministry of Home Affairs under FCRA: 010230731. All donations to CSA are exempted from income tax under Section 80 G (5)(vi) of Income tax act of 1961 (F.No. DIT(E)/HYD/80G/14(05)/12-13).

CSA believes in promoting sustainable agricultural production systems that are based on farmers’ knowledge and skills, innovations based on local conditions and their use of nature’s products and processes to gain better control over the pre-production and production processes involved in agriculture.

How you can Support? download details Supporting distressed livelihoods

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enclose your Cheque/Demand Draft payable to ‘Centre for Sustainable Agriculture’ and mail it to:

Ms. P. Chandrakala,
Centre for Sustainable Agriculture
12-13-485/5, Nagarjuna Nagar, Street no-1, Taranka
Secunderabad-500 017

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