Caring for those who feed the nation

Centre for Sustainable Agriculture (CSA) is a professional resource organization engaged in establishing models of sustainable agriculture working in partnership with Farmers, Farmer Producer Organisations, Governments, NGOs, and Markets. The primary work of CSA is spread across villages in Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Maharashtra, and Punjab working with over 50,000 farmers directly and more than 200,000 farmers through our services. We plan to reach 100,000 farmers directly and 500,000 farmers through our services by 2025.

Towards this mission CSA organises implements the following programs. Each of the program will have multiple projects which are time bound with specific outcomes. In addition to the program implementation, CSA also provides various services to other organisations, government programs etc to support strengthen their implementation.

Agroecology and innovations in farming

  • Climate Change: Impacts, mitigation, adaptation and resilience
  • Organic/natural farming: cropping systems, integrated systems, production practices
  • Biosafety: GM crops, Pesticides
  • Sustainable Seed Systems: Reviving diversity, conservation, organic breeding and participatory varietal selection, seed library, seed banks and enterprises, Open Source (open access and benefit sharing) systems
  • Extension and Advisory services: Diagnositics, Survilience and Advisory Services

Reselient Livelihoods

Nutritional security: Household, institutional models
Sustainable Livelihoods Framework: resource based planning, capacity building, forward and backward linkages
Diversifying income baskets: On farm, Off farm and non farm livelihoods

Viable institutions

  • Individual and community based rural enterprises: Bioenterprises, Food processing,¬† retail stores
  • Farmer Service Centres
  • Farmer Producer Organizations: Incubation, business development, Federations

Public policy research

  • Building evidences for agroecological approaches
  • Income security for Farmers: policy frameworks, financial instruments
  • Improving support systems for farmers:¬†Delivery, Governance systems, Ecosystem Services,
  • Regulatory Frameworks
  • Agriwatch: Impact assessments