Research Assistant Telangana

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The Centre for Sustainable Agriculture is looking to hire two research assistants to work with us on a project to build gender-sensitive, sustainable seed systems. The project will involve (1) documentation of unique and/or best practices with respect to building financially viable Farmer Producer Organizations (FPOs) and women’s engagement in FPOs, (2) a study of the existing seed system in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana with respect to the legal framework, market structure, and farmer preferences (3) action research through the establishment of a decentralized seed production and distribution system through FPOs in AP and Telangana.

  • Creation of study instruments
  • Collection of primary data through interviews with key stakeholders and focus group discussions
  • Compilation and analysis of secondary data as required for the study
  • Writing of relevant reports, policy briefs, and research articles for documenting results
  • Field travel for as required for data collection and coordination with the study team.
  • Data collection, compilation, analysis and report writing.

Skills required:

  • Must speak Telugu and English
  • Must have taken coursework and/or have relevant experience in qualitative research
  • Must be able to provide a writing sample
  • Quantitative data analysis skills preferred (R, Stata, or other), but not mandatory

At least two years of work experience preferred .