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We at Centre for Sustainable Agriculture started our journey to work with small and marginal farmers to make agriculture economically and ecologically sustainable, build community institutions which can manage their livelihoods and improve governance of public policy in agriculture

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  • As a scientist who has transformed the landscape of Indian agriculture, Dr GV Ramanjaneyulu and his organisation Centre for Sustainable Agriculture (CSA) has worked with the Andhra Pradesh government in designing and implementing community managed sustainable agriculture from 2005-08, which spread to over 1500 villages covering 35 lakh hectares of land in 18 districts.

  • Organisations like Centre for Sustainable Agriculture are making every effort to make our food toxin free and hoping to make a pesticide free green revolution possible Satyamev Jayathe, TV Show Watch the episode

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Dr. Ramanjaneyulu received Life Time Achievement Award from TV9
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