Support Migrant Labour in the time of Corona Lockdown

Support Migrant Labour in the time of Corona Lockdown

As you can see the grim situation in the country, it’s time we raise to the occasion and support the migrant labour who are contributing their part in the development but often ignored to their fate. We at Rytu Swarajya Vedhika and

Centre for Sustainable Agriculture

are trying to do our best.please do support us to support them. 100% of the funds received would be used for the following activities

1. Delivering cooked food packets to homeless people
2. Providing ration supplies to workers/ labourers who cannot afford to buy them because they are out of work or haven’t been paid their wages
3. Supporting rehabilitation of homeless people into various shelter homes and any other housing facilities (some cases paying the rent if need be to house them there)
4. Arranging for private transport for people in any emergency situations
5. Meeting the medical needs of any people who are in urgent need of medicines, emergency hospitalization etc.

Caring for those who feed the nation

Serving the needs of the farmers for over 16 years

We at Centre for Sustainable Agriculture started our journey to work with small and marginal farmers to make agriculture economically and ecologically sustainable, build community institutions which can manage their livelihoods and improve governance of public policy in agriculture

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Focus of our work

What people say about us!

  • Organisations like Centre for Sustainable Agriculture are making every effort to make our food toxin free and hoping to make a pesticide free green revolution possible Satyamev Jayathe, TV Show Watch the episode

  • As a scientist who has transformed the landscape of Indian agriculture, Dr GV Ramanjaneyulu and his organisation Centre for Sustainable Agriculture (CSA) has worked with the Andhra Pradesh government in designing and implementing community managed sustainable agriculture from 2005-08, which spread to over 1500 villages covering 35 lakh hectares of land in 18 districts.

  • I remember Dr Sanghi on this occasion. I recall a fruitful partnership with CSA from 2004 onwards. The conversion of Punukula to a chemical pesticide free village was there inspiration for SERP to undertake NPM , which later became CMSA. The fountain of the present A.P Community managed Natural farming was laid then.

  • Heartfelt congratulations to the team of CSA for their significant contributions to sustainable agriculture and to the growers of our food…I always valued the association of Hivos with CSA. They have the unique asset of being able to connect with farmers, with government, with policy makers, and with campaigns and never give up on their […]

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