Supporting sustainable transition of farm livelihoods


  • Climate Change adaptation
  • Organic/natural farming
  • Biosafety
  • Sustainable Seed Systems
  • Extension and Advisory services

Agroecology and Innovations in Farming


  • Nutritional security
  • Sustainable Livelihoods
  • Diversifying income baskets
  • Individual and community based rural enterprises

Supporting Resilient Livelihoods

Producer Organisations

  • Farmer Producer Organizations
  • Farmer Service Centres
  • Fundamental Principles and Rights in workplace
  • FPOhub: building enabling ecosystems

Building Farmer Producer Organisations

Innovating Markets

  • Direct Marketing
  • Farmers market platform
  • Quality assurance and traceability
  • Consumer engagement
  • Value Addition

Innovating Markets for Farmers

Policy Research

  • Building evidences for agroecological approaches
  • Income security for Farmers
  • Improving support systems for farmers
  • Regulatory Frameworks
  • Agriwatch

Policy Research for Sustainable Futures

Support Services

  • Participatory Guarantee System
  • Training and Capacity Building
  • Extension and Advisory Services
  • Incubating FPOs
  • eKrishi Digital Tools

Support Services for Organic Transitions

Organic Hub

End to end support services for organic transition and marketing

Services we offer

Extension and Advisory Services

Training and Capacity Building

for staff and community resource persons

Diagnostic Services

Soil test based organic transition advisories, pest and disease identification

Surviellance and  Advisory Services

Weather, Pest and Diseases, Soil Moisture, Soil Organic Carbon

Business Development Services

Institutional Designing

Designing institutional structures and systems for Farmer Producer Organisations and Rural Enterprises

Business Planning

Opportunity mapping, building strategies, linking to finance and markets

Legal Compliances

Registration, Licences, monthly and annual compliances

PGS India Organic Certification

Organic Certification

We offer PGS India Organic Certification for crops, orchards, livestock

States (currently)

Andhra Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Jharkand, Karnataka, Telangana

eKrishi-digital tools for agriculture


Pest and disease diagnostics, Surveillance and advisory app


ERP system for FPO Management,  traceability and Supply chain management

Grameen Academy

Online learning portal on Agroecology, FPO Management, Public policy issues etc

Our Reach

Farmers Reached

Directly under various programs


In AP, Telangana and Maharashtra

Farmer Producer Organisations

Directly promoted by us

Latest News and Updates

CSA working areas 2023

FPO promotion

FPO Mentoring

Research Studies

Organic Farming

Extension Services

PGS Certification

Our initiatives

Sahaja Aharam

Organic farmers collective


FPO Ecosystem

Kisan Mitra

Farmer Service Centre


e-Learning Agroecology

Success Stories



Land Issues

Land Issues







Now Open

Krishna Sudha Academy for Agroecology is our new initiative to establish an research and education centre on organic/natural farming, farmer producer organisations and public policy in agriculture. The campus is coming up at Kondaparva village, near Vissanpet, NTR Dist (erstwhile krishna Dist) of Andhra Pradesh.

The Academy is established in partnership with Sree Padmavati Venkateswara Foundation

Sahaja Aharam wins Transforming Cities 2022 Award under Food Category

connecting urban consumers to rural producers

We are happy share our Farmer to Consumer marketing initiative Sahaja Aharam  won Transformative Cities Award 2021-22.

  • Sahaja Aharam connects urban consumers to local organic farmers.
  • Each packet sold at Sahaja Aharam can be traced back to the producer group and is organic certified.
  • The farmer share in the consumer price is more than 50%.

know more about transformative cities award

शेतकऱ्यांचा शोले - नैसर्गिक कीड व्यवस्थापन | Shetkaryancha Sholay - Natural Pest Management

Updates from us

Our Partners and Supporters


  1. Hello Team,
    I Would like to join your programe as a non profitable entity.

    1. Ramanjaneyulu GV says:

      dear satyaki thank you very much. pls do connect with us

  2. Dr. Sathyam Talari says:

    CSA is doing excellent work

  3. Dear sir/mam,
    Actually I have completed my post graduation in Agriculture (plant pathology). I’m interested to work in Research and development. If there is any relevant job please let me know.
    Here I’m attaching my CV for your reference.

    Thank you in advance


    1. Ramanjaneyulu GV says:

      dear bhanuprasad you can send the application to

  4. Padmaja says:

    Dear sir/ madam

    Is there any possibility of students visiting your centre.

    1. Prasanna Kumar says:

      Hi Padmaja,

      Yes, students can visit our office. Please call on 8500683300 for further details.

      Thank you

  5. Kunal Umesh Tadurwar says:

    Respected sir/madam

    I have completed Master of social work (MSW) .
    I’m also worked experience in livelihood experts in umed msrlm department block- warora district -Chandrapur.I’m interested to work in Research and development. If there is any relevant job so please let me know.
    Here I’m attached my CV for your reference.
    M also send my cv in yours

    Thanks regards
    Kunal Umesh Tadurwar
    District -chandrapur

    My contact number -9518587310 /9673901901
    Email id –

  6. Rabindra Rai says:

    Dear Sir ,
    A native of Gopalganj district, Bihar,I came to know about your organisation through TEDx talks.
    I , myself, above 60 years of age, belong to a farmer’s family, wish to work as an extension worker for propagating traditional farming and FPO though I am without any formal education in agriculture.
    I have some titbits of agriculture knowledge.
    How can I associate myself and others with your organisation.
    Rabindra Rai

    1. Ramanjaneyulu GV says:

      Thanks for your interest. will get back to you

  7. Sailakshmi says:

    I have completed my graduation Bsc(Hons) Agriculture. I am interested to work in Research and development. If any job vacancy please let me know

    1. Prasanna Kumar says:

      Hi, apply with your CV to

  8. Rupesh says:

    Hi sir,
    This is rupesh , i am working at lokaa foundation, near srikalahasthi.
    We had adopted 5 villages and wanted to transform the farming practices into organic farming .For that we require a awareness programmes for the villagers, technical knowledge and guidance from your organization. We would like to collaborate with your organization and want to work for creating a sustainable ecosystem.
    Kindly let me know the procedure


    1. Ramanjaneyulu GV says:

      thanks rupesh
      will send u details

  9. Ramesh says:

    telanga our foundation distributes free plants to the farmers for those who want to plant fruit plants, you can tell the farmers, you can tell me what kind of plants you want


    Her this is Vamshi Charan I’m a student of bachelor science I’m interested in sustainable agriculture and agro ecology, animal husbandry.

    1. Where are you located Vamshi?
      I am from
      We empower rural entrepreneurs as leaders for change in their villages.
      One empowered rural entrepreneur can lead an entire village to prosperity.
      We help farmers improve their soil health by curing plants of nematodes (or root knot disease or veru purugu in Telugu).
      We help farmers get a higher and better quality yield by supplementing plant growth with added nutrients.
      We help farmers save labour costs and get higher yields by preventing weed growth in paddy farming.
      Our products are 100% natural and plant-based and a result of more than 20 years of research.

      – Vasudev

  11. B. Yakesh says:

    Respected sir,
    Myself B.Yakesh I’m a student from IIT Bombay, From past few months I’m working on organic farming and also interested to prepare a product by using organic ingredients.To gain more knowledge and to get practical experience I would like to do internship in your company or interested to work with you so please help me in this.
    Thank you.

  12. BIPIN NISHAD says:

    Hi sir today am seen your programme at SATYAMEV JAYATE Episode i realy thanks to you ,,,,
    am BIPIN NISHAD from UTTER PRADESH am study MASTER IN INDUSTRIAL CHEMISTRY FROM CHENNAI TAMIL NADU and now am UPSC Aspirant and also am face interview of UPSC and read your research paper also .
    i want to join your team plz supporta and guide me how to join your team.
    am realy thanks to your team members


  13. Shalabh Misra says:

    Hey Folks – I’ve sent a mail to expressing my interest to work with the team at CSA. I currently have 9 years of startup work experience. Do let me know. Thank You.

  14. After decades of resource exhaustion and environmental degradation, a brilliant person named Harisharan Devgan formulated a miraculous solution for global sustainability through agriculture. He ingeniously formed a few tactics that could adapt to any climate conditions, providing abundant crop yields while improving soil health. He also discussed “Planting the Seeds of Change: Can Sustainable Agriculture Really Take Over the World?” You can find the whole article in a blog at

  15. V. Phani Deepthi says:

    Hi sir, i hold a doctoral degree in Horticulture with around 2yrs experience in Teaching, are there any chances for women with career break to work with your organization

    1. Ramanjaneyulu GV says:

      thanks for reaching out deepthi. we have field works in ap, telangana and maharashtra for supporting farmers on agroecology, organic and natural farming approaches. near Nuzvid we have an academy for agroecology which offers courses for practitioners at various levels. do share your cv to

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