Natural Farming: Building a vibrant ecosystem


India is now witnessing a transformation towards Natural Farming. Some of the key challenges which prompted this transition is the growing threat from Climate Change, environmental pollution, degradation of natural resources and growing demand for sustainably grown safer food.  While the transitions are driven by civil society organisations, government programs, etc., mainstream agriculture institutions’ resistance continues. The concerns stem from, superlative claims made by some promoters, promoting belief systems than a scientific approach, lack of scientific understanding among the Indian Agricultural Research system particularly on agroecological approaches and mixed experiences from farmers reported across the country.

In this context, India Spend and CSA tried to bring out a compilation of stories from across the country of people who shifted to organic/natural farming, looking into experiences, what worked and what didn’t work from a farmer’s point of view and contextual approaches local programs/organisations have taken up to make the transitions smoother.

you can read the stories here on India Spend website

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