20 May

Kisan Mitra 2017-19

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Download the Report` Dear all At Centre for Sustainable Agriculture (CSA), we are always concerned about the We were always worried about the broken governance of the agriculture support systems which is mainly responsible for the crisis in Agriculture. CSA in partnership with various institutions, civil society organizations and volunteers was trying to bring to Read more

Telangana Farming Policy

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Telangana has 55% of population depending on agriculture and among them 75% are small and marginal. With average landholding just over 1.00 ha and 66% income coming only from cultivation, significant changes in the farming models are essential. Telangana is highly monocropped with paddy, cotton and maize (84% are under these crops in kharif and Read more
12 Mar

Training to FPOs in Telangana

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CSA has organised two day training program to 18 FPOs promoted by NABARD in Telangana. The participants include the Board of Directors, CEOs and the Staff of NGOs who are acting as promoting institutions. తెలంగాణ రైతు ఉత్పత్తి దారుల సంఘాల సీఈఓ లకు రెండు రోజుల శిక్షణా తరగతులు ఈ రోజు ముగిశాయి. సంఘాల నిర్వహణ లో చట్టపరంగా చేయవలసిన బాధ్యతలు, నిర్వహించాల్సిన Read more