Ramanjaneyulu GV

Skills Summary

  • Agricultural Scientist with specialization in agroecology, organic/natural farming, agribusiness management and public policy
  • Designing community managed extension, enterprises, and programs
  • Innovations in organic/natural farming practices, institutional systems, Digital tools for extension and agribusiness management


Ph.D. in Agriculture from Indian Agricultural Research Institute

BSc (Ag) and MSc (Ag) from Andhra Pradesh Agricultural University

Name of Employer

Current work:

Executive Director, Centre for Sustainable Agriculture

Expert Director, Sahaja Aharam Producer Company

Earlier selections and work experience

1995: Indian Revenue Service (IRS)

1996: Agricultural Research Service (ARS) till 2004

Experience and Achievements

  • Working with more than 50,000 farmers in AP, Telangana, Maharashtra in establishing ecologically and economically sustainable agriculture models
  • Promoted 60 Farmer Producer Organizations in AP and Telangana and is acting as Resource Support Agency for 150s in AP and Telangana.
  • The organic/natural farmers are linked to market directly under the brand name ‘Sahaja Aharam’.
  • Supporting the programs of state and central governments in Andhra Pradesh in promoting natural farming, with Society for Elimination of Poverty, Telangana, with Maharashtra State Livelihoods Mission in building the capacities of the staff and organisations involved in the program.
  • Providing extension services to organisations in Himachal Pradesh, Sikkim and Karnataka.
  • Recognized as Regional Council for Organic Certification (under Participatory Guarantee System) by National Centre for Organic and Natural Farming. CSA is largest PGS certifying agency in the country with 46,885 Farmers covering 45,603 ha in 7 States
  • Working on education and capacity building of rural youth in Revitalizing Rural Economy through ‘Grameen Academy’ and ‘Krishna Sudha Academy for Agroecology’


Published over 20 reports, 5 books, 25 peer reviewed research articles and hundreds of popular articles on various issues impacting on agriculture

Awards and Acknowledgements

  • 2022: Kumarappa Memorial Award by Tamil Nadu Farmers Association
  • 2020: Economic Times and Sumunnati Best FPO enabler Award
  • 2019: ITM University, Gwalior, Badshah Khan Award
  • 2019: Rytu Nestam Life time Achievement Award
  • 2019: TV9 Nava nakshatra Award
  • 2017: Sakshi Excellence Award for Best Contribution to Agriculture
  • 2014: Best Rural Innovation Award for Non Pesticidal Management in Bihar Rural Innovation Forum
  • 2014: Best Rural Innovation Award for ‘Community Managed Sustainable Agriculture’ in Maharashtra Rural Innovation Forum
  • 2012: Best Green Enterprises award by Hivos for NPM scalingup in AP
  • 2010: Krishi Gourav Award for Enebavi
  • 2008: TV9 ‘Navya’ Award for effective campaign
  • 2005: World Bank Development Market Place Award



https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=64RLBgD-Cck over  three million views



  • Indian Agriculture @ 75 | TEDxIIITBangalore



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  2. Kotikalapudi Nagabhushana rao says:


  3. Kotikalapudi Nagabhushana rao says:

    Iam a farmer my crops are coco Banana oilpalm Maize please provide me growth promote agents

  4. Kotikalapudi Nagabhushana rao says:

    Please give me growth promote agents my crops are coco Banana oilpalm Maize

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