Improving Governance

CSA strongly believes that favorable public policy which is focused on ecological sustainability of farming and economic sustainability of rural livelihoods is critical. Towards this CSA works on Research and Analysis of policy support and regulatory systems Monitoring performance of public support systems Kisan Mitra Helpline

Organising Producer Collectives

CSA works to establish and Strengthen institutions of farmers, producers, and consumers for resource conservation, marketing and realizing rights. Sahaja Aharam is a farmers-consumers cooperative federation which works on direct marketing. CSA supports more than 300 FPOs in the states of AP, Telangana, Maharashtra, Sikkim and Tripura

Sustainable Production

CSA focuses on developing and promoting locally adapted farming systems, sustainable farming practices. Organic Farming, Non Pesticidal Management, Open Source Seeds, Ethno-veterinary practices water conservation etc are practiced to promote ecological and economic sustainability…

Mini Commercial Goat Farming

Training Jointly Organised by International Institute for Goat Management and Centre for Sustainable Agriculture   Date: 25-27th April, 2019 Venue: Grameen Academy, Jangoan, Telangana. Increased demand of live goats and goat products like meat, milk and religious sacrifice provides an ideal opportunity for commercial goat farming. Commercial goat farming works on two major principles Efficient use of resources and help …